Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elder Jordan Gibby - November 3, 2009

From Jordan Nov 2009

From Jordan Nov 2009

From Jordan Nov 2009

Jordan says that it is getting really hot in Brasil. Monday it was up in the 90s! He has been sweating so much that in one week i lost 1.5 kilos. I wrote back and told him to make sure that he is drinking enough. He says, "The city here is really pretty. I have been working really hard this week. My trainer walks the same pace as a fast jog. To say the least I have some pretty crazy shin splints and my feet are one big blister haha. I use lots of gold bond."

Last week the Porto Alegre Mission had the priviledge to hear from Elder Scott. Jordan wrote, "It was pretty cool, we all got to shake his hand. The only problem I had was that I had no idea what he was saying because he was speaking in portuguese. So I was basically writing down notes that other people had next to me in portuguese. Im still not sure what he said but it was pretty cool." I keep telling him the language will come (it takes more than just two months). I'm sure he understands more than he implies. Jordan is a perfectionist and will want to speak and understand is perfectly.

He enjoys p-day. "Our pdays are pretty sweet. We walk about 5 miles into the city and then play soccer with our district. I found out pretty quickly that I am not so good at soccer. I am still getting used to not being able to have any contact while playing. Lacrosse was a bit different."

Jordan write that he is working hard and loving Brazil. I am really proud of him.

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