Friday, April 30, 2010

Tooele Winter Wonderland

I knew as soon as I planted my flower seeds and color bowls winter would return. I guess I have lived in the frigid northern hinterlands long enough to not trust those first warm, apparent spring days. They are just to taunt you before the next snowfall arrives. I try and watch my wisteria. It seems to have a sense of when spring really arrives and waits until then to start putting out its leaves. I saw the leaves budding. Even the clematis was starting to put forth flower buds so I decided that we have passed the last snowfall and I could safely embark on my spring gardening. Only a day after I planted my color bowls and put the seeds in the ground I get word that another winter storm is approaching. I did get my large color bowls in the house and covered the smaller ones on the patio so I think they will be good. I just hope the wisteria didn't freeze. It has gotten so large I would have to lose it at this point.
Well, here are the pictures of what I saw when I left for work this morning.
From My Pictures

From My Pictures

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