Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Elder Jordan Gibby - December 1, 2009

A long way from home

Elder Gibby being attacked by a dinosaur on p-day

Helping a Church member build a brick addition on his house

Elder Gibby met the real Santa Claus and he speaks Portuguese!

Elder Gibby is really enjoying his mission in Brazil. Last week a lightning storm zapped his battery charger. I was trying to figure out how to buy one online in Brazil and have it shipped to him inside the country. It is astronomically expensive to ship things from here. He let us know this week, "Asfor the batteries one of the elders here had an extra battery charger! Woo, I am so happy that he did because he said I can have it." So his camera is up and operating again.

The language is progressing. "I heard that 6 months is pretty much the normal time for people to understand the language." That is pretty much what I have heard from missionaries who have served around the world - give it six months and you are speaking and understanding well. Elder Gibby wrote, "One thing that is kind of hard is saying everything backwards. I practice by thinking that I am speaking like Yoda, it seems to work for a lot of the phrases. I write down words I don't know all day and study them throughout the day."

Elder Gibby is coming up on his first transfer, "We have transfers in 6 days, crazy hu? I will be getting new comp. My comp right now is named Elder Miranda, he has the same time left as Jared."

Feliz Natal!

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