Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Presidency Devotional - December 6, 2009

Wow, we had the great experience of attending the First Presidency Devotional in the Conference Center tonight. We had seats just 8 rows back from the stage. The talks given by the First Presidency were wonderful. The choir sounded angelic. It was just the right event to put me in the Christmas spirit. Britney and Lizzy came up from Provo. It was a cold walk to from the parking garage, but it was so worth it. THe family sitting behind us was from Richland. David Volmer, who I knew growing up, is the Bishop of their ward. They flew down for the First Presidency Devotional. She told Sherrie that they have been trying to get tickets for 10 years. I guess there are advantages to living close to the Conference Center. While I haven't gotten them every year, we have gone twice and had seats close to the front both times. This coming Saturday we get to go to the Conference Center again for the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with Natalie Cole as the guest artist. I am so excited for that concert. I was able to get tickets to tall the events this year that I wanted to attend on Temple Square. I guess it must be a blessing from having 2 sons serving missions this Christmas season.

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