Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas

With tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I guess that it is beginning to feel like Christmas has arrived. We have snow on the ground here in Tooele, so it should be a white Christmas. Jonathan completed the gingerbread house (although I have to admit we bought a kit this year rather than baking the pieces). He did a nice job for his first time. I finished the quilt rack for hanging Sherrie's quilts in the dining area. I think that it turned out really nice, even if I say so myself. It was a trick getting it up on the wall - it measures six feed wide to accomodate the larger quilts she has designed. Today at work we had our Christmas luncheon. I am still trying to figure out why Honeybaked Ham is better than Macey's Ham. It tasted like ham to me. We will finish up the luncheon food on Friday when we have our pity party for those that have to work on Friday. One of the highlights of the Christmas season was attending the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert the Sunday before last. It was such a fantastic concert and President Monson and President Uchdorff were in attendance. President Monson went up onto the stage at the end of the concert and made some remarks and some presentations to the guest artists. It was an incredible experience and well worth tromping through the snow and begging for a ticket to get in. When I put in for tickets they would only allow a maximum request for 4 tickets. I figured that it was early enough that Jordan wouldn't be back from school so all we would need was 4 tickets. Well, he came home (in our eventful trip) on Friday into Saturday. We decided to go on faith anyway. I dropped everybody off at the Conference Center and proceeded to my assigned parking area on 400 West. I then ran through the snow (it was alsmot a near death experience), and made it to the Conference Center a few minutes before we were supposed to be seated. I began asking if anybody had extra tickets. Finally one of the workers directed me to a lady that was taking ticket requests. When I explained my situation she gave me a pass and sent me to the front of the line. She told me to call my wife and tell that I was on my way up. Anybody who knows me, knows that I really wanted to attend that concert when I gave in to begging for a ticket. I am ready for the Gold's Gym to open on January 1st. Sherrie has been making all my favorite Christmas candies and of course I have been partaking. I am just hoping that I don't outgrow all of my clothes before January 1. Jonathan and his friends built a snow fort yesterday across the street at Bishop Fivas' house. He is such a good Bishop to let all the kids use his yard like it is a park. Jonathan designed the fort with various cubicles and shoots through which they could drop snow balls from the snowball manufacturing center at the back of the fort. That was a much more complex design than any of my forts. I think I gave up throwing snowballs years ago after I pegged Keri Piche with a fairly compact one. It hit pretty hard, she cried alot, and I felt really bad. Well, I don't think anybody was hurt yesterday or today by a snowball. Sarah went in an had her hair highlighted so that she would look cute for Christmas. (She always looks cute - however, I am wondering if there is somebody that she is trying to impress because she has really become concerned about her appearance.)

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wrgibby said...

I love Jonathan's Gingerbread house, he did a great job. The quilt looks pretty, you will have to send a picture of the quilt rack as well. Both Sarah and the Christmas Tree looks pretty. It is fun to see the pictures of Jared on his mission, he is such a good missionary, and seems to be really enjoying serving the Lord.