Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Beyond ...

I seem to find less and less time to write on my blog. It feels as if the holiday period is so busy that there isn't time to do anything. I try and update the blog at least every Tuesday so that if Jared wants to see what is going on with his family it is available on the blog. We had a really nice Thanksgiving. Jordan came home from SUU on Tuesday night. Almost immediately he had friends over to see him. He has whole groups of friends everywhere he goes. I had to work on Wednesday so we started our festivities on Wednesday night. Sherrie made a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings and plenty of homemade pies. Britney joined us Thursday afternoon. She worked in the morning serving the Elders in the MTC (we were glad for her service at the MTC). After a nice dinner we rushed down to Saratoga Springs to my parents house to see the extended family. Unfortunately, Rachelle and her family had already left when we arrived. Sione had also gone to work. We did get to see Melanie and Drew. We had some dessert and some nice company and then headed back to Tooele so the kids could get to bed. They all got up early and went to the Black Friday Sale at Walmart. I didn't got for the first time in years. It really felt nice to just sleep in and not fight the crowds. Sarah and Britney went into SLC to shop the sales. Sherrie and I decided to head up to Park City and do some Christmas shopping. We had a nice time, found some really good deals, and had a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. We made a few stops in SLC on the way back and mostly finished our Christmas shopping.

This past Sunday we went to Austen Jasper's missionary farewell. He is a good friend of Jared and Jordan. He gave a nice talk and looked very Elderish. He is going into the MTC on Wednesday. We asked Britney to look out for him while he is there.

Before Jordan arrived home on Tuesday, I put the Christmas lights on the house. I wanted it to look festive when he arrived home. Now that Thanksgiving is over it is nice to have the lights on every night. On Saturday we put up the Christmas trees. Jonathan, Sarah and I did most of it and then Sherrie arranged the Christmas decorations after the trees were up. The house now looks ready for Christmas. With the shopping done, the packages sent, the house decorated and everything ready for the holidays, I should be able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the season.

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