Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jared Wednesday Update - 11/03/08

Jared completed another fantastic week in Cullman. He wrote, "Friday he had a church tour with Jeff House. It was an awesome lesson. The spirit was really strong. We committed him to baptism that night and set his date for the 21st of December. I thought that was awesome since my birthday falls on that Sunday. We are so excited for his baptism. He also came to church on Sunday. It was pretty surprising because he came 30 minutes early. I was shocked, that has never happened before. I sat with him on the second row and chatted with him. Myrvang was sitting in the foyer waiting for a family that was supposed to come but never showed up. Jeff said that he woke up that morning and started reading the Book of Mormon over again. Things like that bring such great joy to me. He loved church. All the talks were great. Gospel principles went really well. The teacher actually had a lesson planned. Everything was perfect."

It would be a wonderful birthday present for him to have a baptism on that day. He stated that his mission president is really pleased with how the work is going in Cullman.

He is also teaching a family that is a media referral. He wrote, "The Johnson’s were a media referral. We went to deliver their DVD and they had a lot of questions about what were the differences between their 'Southern Baptist Church' and ours. I love questions like that because they lead straight into the restoration. We taught their family a wonderful lesson. There were 4 adults and two children. One of the 9 year-olds was actually taking notes. I loved that part. The mother said she wasn’t going to listen to us at all but she was listening in the hallway and she said that I had an honest sound in my voice so she decided to listen. That made me feel good."

I am proud that this woman could hear the honesty in Jared's voice. He has always been a great kid. I and grateful and proud to see his successes in Cullman, Alabama.

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