Monday, February 15, 2010

I Can't Believe It

I can't believe that I am sitting here watching the Bachelor. I have been so tired for several weeks that I have given in to watching too much TV. This has resulted in my watching the Bachelor. Oh well, I hope that he ends up with Tenley. I hope he votes off the blonde bimbo this week, although I don't think that he will. Well, here is Jake to make his selection. I guess I will wait to post until I see what he is going to do since he has fallen in love with all three of them. I keep saying that he should be on the show "The Polygamist". So far he has admitted that he could marry any three of them. Tenley gets the first rose as I thought she would. Internet rumors have it that they are already engaged. The second rose goes to Vienna as I thought it would. I can't believe that he would choose the cheap stripper over the much sweeter Gia. I think that is part of the TV production. They need to keep the tension in the show so that stupid viewers like me will keep watching it.

Well, I need to get away from watching dumb shows like this and start working on my house again. I bought the cabinet for the downstairs bathroom. Now I can start tearing the floor out and put the travertine down. It will be nice to have it done. I also bought the paint for the downstairs bedroom. I can work on painting that room this week. Anything to keep me away from this TV trash. Hopefully Gia can find a nice guy now. Now there is no surprise that Tenley will be the pick in the end because there is now way he will pick the trailer trash candidate.

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