Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elder Jared Gibby February 17, 2010

Jared was excited that they got some snow in Alabama. "YEA!!! we got snow!!!! I was so pumped. It snowed most of Friday and stayed till Saturday afternoon. We got about an inch and a half. That's a lot for Alabama. We had a huge snowball fight with the Ellis family. Elder Scheitinger and I totally dominated, it was hilarious. Then we made a snow man with them. It was a ghetto snow man, with the flat brimmed hat and all. haha. We also had a snowball fight with the Sanford's and made a snowman with them. It was a great day."

Jared didn't get transferred which was nice - maybe he will get to finish out in Bessemer. "YAY!!! I didn't want to go. I want to see the rest of the Ellis family join the church. Leon's baptism is this Saturday his mom decided he should go ahead and get baptized. He was waiting for her to quit smoking but she keeps relapsing. She is extremely addicted to cigarettes. I haven't had an investigator so addicted before. She is down to about 1 every 2-3 days. So she is improving. She just gets stressed out and gets one. It's super tough. She is going to quit though, I know it. Her baptismal date is for March 6th."

"At church on Sunday we had Barbara, Miss Wayne, and Santana come. It was awesome. Three new investigators YAY!! We have a huge teaching pool right now all we gotta do now is just seal the deal with our investigators, commit them to be baptized. We are going to have a lot of success this transfer. The bible study class is a great idea and I think it will attract a lot of people. The work just keeps getting more and more exciting and intense!!! I love it."

"This weekend is going to be sweet. All the young men from the stake are coming to Bessemer and for a couple of hours are going to do the survey in our area. I'm glad we are in the stake center's area. They are expecting around 50 young men. That adds up to about a weeks amount of tracting. whoo hooo!!! We should get a lot of referrals. So we are super excited."

I can't believe that it is almost time for us to fly out there and pick him up. It is so nice having a missionary out that I wish he could stay another year (well, maybe not).


Brent said...

Hello every, especially you David,
I think Sarah being selected to compete was fantastic. I have learned by my own experience with Britney's application process with the Flinn Foundation scholarship, the best all around student doesn't necessarily win. Most of the time, an individual might do 90% of everything just barely above standard. However, they do just one thing at border line perfection and without flaw and they win it. I think the experience of competing in these programs,though very emotionally draining, is priceless. It is the closest thing that a student can do that compares to what a working family parent does on an everyday basis. Meaning we compete to keep our jobs, or find others. We struggle to raise our kids correctly in such a non correct world. We have to be straight forward with our fellow competitors and polite all at the same time. These analogies could go on an on. I will keep my eyes open for any other programs that might help Sarah with going to school. Where is she wanting to go? What is she wanting to study?

On another subject congratulations on the commercial you're going to be on Sherry was telling me a little bit but you will have to give us the scoop.

I haven't been watching American Idol lately but was blown away at the talent that remains when I went on line to view the videos.

Though Alex Lambert struggled with his song, his vocals sound intensly identical to Johnny Lang the white, Blues singer don't you think?

Jermain Sellers has incredible vocal control but comes across as one who is limited in singing genres? just my thinking but sincerely a good singer.

Then there was Aaron Kelly. This young man looks like he is fresh out of the teachers quorum. Wow! can he sing... His only draw back is if they are all looking for the complete marketable package he is a touch, shy... If he doesn't win, which I do not believe he will on this competition, I do believe Simon will offer him a recording contract. The young man is goose bump awesome.

My final input though meaningless is CASEY JONES, he well rounded and well versed on different genres and can really sing. I have always been impressed by musicians who can both play an instrument well and sing. Especially at the same time... I think he might just win... I am going to watch the girls this next competition.

It looks like Jordan is having a blast on his mission. Hope he stays away from all the fry bread and honey...LOL Boy would I gain weight down Jared is very special, his works have been fantastic. Over the past couple years he has shared his letters and joy with our family and has truly touched our heart. You raised some awesome kids, and I thank you for raising such a man, Jared, I love your son as if he were mine, and am looking forward to spending time with him after the dust settles after his

Well I better get going, it has been fun writing, we will be in Utah to visit the kids weekend of Easter conference hopefully we can meet up somewhere and grab dinner or? but I will call you before then. What is your cell phone number?

Talk to you soon,


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