Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Ready for Thanksgiving

I'm sitting here watching Dancing with the Stars with my family wishing that tomorrow was Thanksgiving so that I wouldn't have to get up and go to work. We enjoy watching dance competitions (even if they aren't real). Sarah was sick on Sunday and now Sherrie and I feel as if we are coming down with it. I was tired this morning and my office was 80 degrees (again). That combination made for an extra long day. I was going to put the snow tires that my dad gave me on my car this evening, but fortunately it got dark too early. I worked on staining the quilt rack, but I'm not happy with how the whitewash stain is looking. I think that tomorrow I am going to get a different stain that is more opaque (white). I really want to have the quilt rack up for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was able to get all the Christmas lights up on Saturday. I turned them on tonight and they look really nice, even if I say so myself. I still have a few Christmas gifts to get so I may still end up going out on Black Friday. If I can find the specials online then I won't have to go to the store. I would really like to get to the point that I could do all my shopping online and not have to go to any stores except the grocery store. I found out today that I "won" tickets to the Motab Christmas Concert. This is the first year that I was able to obtain tickets to the concert. I saw the guest performer at Motabs Gift of Music concert a couple of months ago. I am really excited to be able to go to the concert. I got the Sunday morning tickets so it will be part of the Spoken Word broadcast. The show is over and it is time for Family Home Evening. I think it will be an early bedtime tonight. Adieu...

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