Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Celebrate!!!!!

I am sitting here watching history being made. I actually feel much more emotional that I ever have with an election. I am proud to be an American. I am proud that my country has entered a new era, one where the capabilities and talents of the candidate are looked at and not the ethnic background. I feel that President Elect Obama will be an honorable man that will be able to lead this country and restore our position in the international community. I also find it telling that the electoral count is so heavy in favor of Barak Obama. This is a strong message being sent to the various arms of government in this country that we want a change of direction. We want to promote peace in the world. We want to help our own. We want change ... and not just a little. I am so excited. Even though I am a small blue island in a great red sea, I feel that I was able to contribute.

I was proud of Jonathan today. He initiated a discussion in his class about the presidential race. He found that while his teacher supported John McCain, the class almost overwhelmingly were for Barak Obama (7th graders). He supported his position with his teacher by citing flaws he saw with the McCain health program. He said the discussion lasted over 30 minutes. Way to go Jonathan - it's not about positions or parties, but that there was a discussion and that children at such a young age were so engaged. I can see Jonathan as a future Senator from Utah.

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