Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Think Snow

I am sitting at my desk in the sweltering heat. The air-conditioning system for my hallway in the building went on the fritz. It is now 82 F in my office. The repair crew came a few days ago and replaced a blower. However, the new blower failed immediately (maybe there is an electrical problem). They haven't been back again (I guess we only get one repair a month). I feel tired today, likely attributable to the warm temperature and the paint fumes that a breathed all night. I decided to try and finish more of our master bedroom and bathroom last night. I completed the first coat of paint in the bathroom. The fumes were still fairly potent when we went to bed. It is going to look really nice when it is finished. I may try and do the tile work this Saturday. I would like to have it done before we have company for Thanksgiving. Well, break time is over, sorry there isn't any more than this to blog....

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