Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Pictures

These are some family pictures that my cousin, Scott Taylor, had posted on his Facebook. I've seen most of them at some time and I think I have copies of them tucked away in my genealogy. But it was nice to have them digitally available online so I thought I would share. You can also see them on Scott Taylor's Facebook.

Foundry where Frederick Amos Fish worked

Normon Lee Taylor

Nieske Honders

Mechtelina VanKalkeren

Martin Van Buren Taylor

Lauritz Ulrich Christensen

Joseph Mount

Jeppi Christensen

Elmo Taylor (baby)

Ellen Taylor

Elizabeth Cornelia Mount

Ann Falgate

Amos Fish

1 comment:

Jim Ericson said...

Fun to see some ancestral photos of my relatives on your page. Martin Van Buren Taylor is my great-great grandfather, but I am descended through a different wife, Mary Anne Clements. Their daughter, Minnie Ladell Taylor, married John Hyrum Lowry, my mother's grandfather. Anyway, thank you for sharing.