Friday, July 17, 2009

Jordan's Cabin Weekend

From Jordan Road Trip
Again, I am slow in blogging my weekend activity. I go home at after work and with the high temperatures that we have been experiencing, I am spending a lot of time watering the yard and gardens. By the time I finish it is usually time to head to bed.

Last Saturday Jordan came with a group of friends to the cabin. They were a really nice group of young adults. I was impressed with how they included Jonathan in their activities. Sherrie wasn't able to go with us since she needed to be home when Sarah returned from Girl's Camp. We caught a couple of squirrels while were were up there. They get in the eaves so I have to set a trap (live catch). Jonathan and I drove them each to an area several miles from the cabin to release them. Hopefully I sealed up the holes so that they can't get back in (they chew holes throw the wood - they are not the cute little creatures they are made out to be in books and movies - when they are trapped in the cage they seem more like possessed demons).

The following are pictures from the weekend:

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Connor Carpenter said...

Hey David,

My name is Connor Carpenter. I was doing some Googling on the Porto Alegre North mission, and ran into your post about Jordan. The reason? I just got my call on April 17th (Jordan beat me by 2 days, dangit :) ) to his same mission! I'm reporting to the MTC there on August 26th as well!

Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool. I wouldn't have any idea what to talk about, but just send him my e-mail address anyway: connor (at) shadestorm (dot) com. It might be kinda cool going into the MTC knowing at least one other person who'll be in your mission.

Oh, and I don't know why you would be interested in seeing it, but it seems relevant: you can see me opening my mission call at: (I'm the one in the pajamas)

Sweet! Thanks!

Connor Carpenter