Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jared Wednesday Update - 07/08/09

This week the letter was short and there were no pictures, indicating Jared has been really busy.

He write, "[t]his week has been pretty good. The 4th was alright. We had some fireworks at a members home. Marlene went with us. . . She's getting baptized this Sunday so we are super excited. I think it's the second preacher that has been baptized since I've been out. Sweet hu?

"The work continues to progress. We are trying to find tons of people. It's pretty intense. The weather has been really hot but I think I'm used to it. The heat doesn't really bother me anymore, neither does the sweat."

Having lived for five years in Tennessee and 2 in Oklahoma, I know what the heat and humidity are like. In truth you never really acclimate to it. Next year at this time he will be sweating it out in a much drier climate. I am excited for him to have another baptism. He has enjoyed a significant amount of success serving in a southern state. He has always been a hard worker and it shows.

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