Thursday, July 9, 2009


Okay, So it's been over a week since I wrote anything. My blogging is starting to go the way of my exercising at the gym. I get motivated and go everyday (sometimes twice) for a couple of weeks and then I forget where the gym is located until my next round of fat-induced motivation. Realistically speaking, in an ideal world, I would go to the gym everyday (except of course on Sunday - can't walk too many steps and it's hard to run in a suit) and I would blog at least once a day. Both would be excellent for my health both physically and mentally. Herein lies the problem, I have other people involved in my life and all too often, the interface involves time and distance with the resultant loss of time for "less important" activities such as physical exercise and mental dumping. Well, now that I have that out of my system - not that it was meant to sound complaining in any way - I will proceed with the rest of my braining cleaning exercise.

It has really been a busy two weeks (or should I just say a busy summer). I find myself rushing out late at night to water all my plants that I haven't yet found the time to get into the ground. I have a way of doing things backwards. I see the plants and water feature that I want, so I buy them. Before I can plant them, I need to bring in soil to build up the garden area. Before I can bring in the soil, I need to move the sprinkler head. Before I can move the sprinkler head, I need to move the plants that are sitting in the future garden so that I can access the buried sprinkler pipe. Before I can move the plants I need to clean another space in the yard to set them in. When I set them in that place, it will block my access for moving soil to the backyard and into the garden. I am beginning to think that I will just water the plants every night in their pots. That is obviously easier than all the other work that would have to be carried out to actually finish the garden. I spent last weekend (4th of July) in Idaho and I need to make another trip up there with Jordan and his friends (fairness is the most important factor in life). I also need to get some repairs taken care of on the cabin (some certain products should not be flushed because they result in a semi-permanent plug). I also need to repair the canoes that were damaged when we were up there last weekend (what would my life be like without a continual list of things needing repair). All-in-all the visit to the cabin was pleasant - I will post in another blog about the trip. Last night Sherrie and I worked on getting some house decorating accomplished. She had purchased some nice things to put on the walls and we got most of them hung. I told her that it appears she has decided to stay in this house after three years of living in it because she is now finally starting to decorate it. On a positive note this week I got my stolen cell phone back. Sherrie received a call from a young lady that had found it on a table at the park. Sherrie drove over to her house and picked it up. It was in perfect condition (thank goodness for a good cell phone case). I'm sure that there is a very irritated individual out there who has lost his phone. Looking at the clock it appears that my lunch break is over. I now feel much better getting some of this clutter out of my head. I just need to get the 4th of July weekend out and Jared's Wednesday update done (I'm a day late) and I will be all up to date again.

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