Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Day - Another Dollar

Maybe that is a hopeful title. I try not to focus too much on money or finance these days - too easy to get down in the dumps. We've had a few beautiful days in Tooele and I am starting to see the end of winter. The kids didn't want ski passes this season (well, the ones at home - I'm sure Jordan would have gone for one, but now that he is a college student they aren't cheap anymore). Without anyone going skiing, and not being able to ride the snow machines (one broke last season and I have yet to find a replacement part) the winter seems longer. But with the last few days of sun, the snow is receding and I am seeing my ever hopeful perennials pushing up through the sun-warmed soil. I even had a few flowers blooming (the pansies never give up). I am anxious to finish up the landscaping on my backyard this spring. I think I am anxious just to get out of the house. I've been sick for so long this winter (yes, I am still trying to recover), that I haven't worked on my indoor projects. I have some flooring and tiling projects to do, but I really need to set up on the front driveway to do them, or create a real mess inside of the house. Sherrie has stayed busy creating her quilts. It really amazes me how quickly she can design and then put together a quilt top. And she has done this whilst continuing to work on her graduate classes. She has been buzzing through this latest class so she decided to double up and finish the classes for her certificate this term. I don't know where she finds all the energy (although her short nap yesterday was longer than mine). Well, the end of my lunch break is quickly approaching so I had better end get back to earning that ever elusive dollar...

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