Sunday, February 1, 2009

Was it a SUPER Bowl?

I watch professional football at most, once a year. That is because Sherrie makes snacks and we all settle in as a family to become professional football critics, coaches and officials (I still don't think he had both toes on the ground). It was fun as always - well, at least the second half I watched after my nap. I had a few snacks before the game began. I took Jonathan around to collect fast offerings and then I was so tired I needed a nap. I awoke in time to watch the so so half time show. I never was a great fan of the Boss. It seems that the half-time shows have become less and less over the years. I did enjoy the second half of the game. It was great to see the Cardinals come back from behind. I was disappointed to see them lose (not that I even knew who they were before today). Poor Jonathan was so engrossed in the game he had to get up and pace back and forth when it looked like the Steelers were going to win. After the Cardinals made their last touchdown and were ahead he calmed down. Only to be disappointed in the end. I usually enjoy the commercials. However, this year, it didn't look like much was put into creative or entertaining commercials (another sign of the bad economy). Well, with the infusion of stimulus cash maybe we will get better commercials next year. I mean if the banking and investment industry is going to pay its employees bonuses in such an awful year, at least we should have some decent Superbowl commercials. I've probably skated to far into political posturing with that last statement. At least the President's team won, so maybe I can take that as an omen of more good to come...

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