Saturday, February 7, 2009

Garden Update

Today was a nice day. It was a little overcast and drizzled occasionally, but it was warm enough that the snow was melting. I ventured into the backyard - which I found the neighbors cat has been using as a litter box all winter (I guess snow is like kitty litter)- to check on my gardens. This has been a great winter for the gardens. It hasn't been bitterly cold unless there was snow protecting the plants. I found my azaleas big and full with lots of buds. My crepe myrtles did not die back to the ground which should make them hardier next year. A number of the perennials are already starting to sprout up. My cherry tree appears to have made it through the winter (I was concerned because we transplanted it in the fall). The snow this winter has been really wet so all the ground is wet and the plants aren't dehydrated. I am excited to get out into the hard the start cleaning up the gardens. Hopefully by the end of March I will be out there.

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