Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another House Enhancement Project

Ruby was not happy about things being torn up. Today he spent the entire day after we got back from church with Jonathan. Jonathan is his security blanket. During the construction or deconstruction activities yesterday, he would just sulk around and scowl at us. Maybe he liked the carpet more than we did...

 I decided Saturday morning that I was finally up to tearing apart my house again in hopes of enhancing it. Over a year ago I bought the hardwood flooring to do the entry way stairs and hall. It has been since sitting out in my garage waiting patiently for me to do something with it. Jonathan and Sarah were both big helps in getting the old carpet, pad, nails and staples out. Jonathan is a hard worker and helped me do a lot of the work on the cabin and house in Oregon. Sarah also likes to jump in and helped a lot until she had to leave for a study group. Isaac (our 4 year old neighbor) came over and helped pull staples and haul pad and debris out the front door. We rewarded him with peanut better cookies and a glass a milk. He loves to work and comes over whenever we have something going on and wants to know what he can do. Around dinner time we had to take a break and go get some Mexican food at Casa Del Rey in Grantsville. Later in the evening we had to take a second break and go get hot fudge sundays at McDonalds. I was able to get the floor started. After a few slats I put too much pressure on my staple gun (special gun for this type of flooring) and broke the alignment bracket (I guess it wasn't design to keep a person of my stature from falling over - aah the difficulties of age). After some quick research on the internet we headed down to Home Depot to buy some Gorilla Super Glue. It promised me in their add that it would provide a workable bond within 5 minutes. Well, they were right. I was able to work until my back told me to quit. I guess all the work took a toll on me. After church this afternoon I took a four hour nap. I guess I will piecemeal the work the rest of the week to finish it up. It is going to look really nice when it is done. It looked so nice getting the nasty carpet off the stairs and out of the hall we commented that we should have done that back when we bought the wood and it would have been better than living with the carpet all this time.
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