Saturday, February 7, 2009

Draper Temple

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the Draper Temple open house. Britney came up from BYU to go with us. It was a fun and spiritual experience. We drove into our designated parking lot (RED) and proceeded into the waiting area. We were then ushered into the chapel to watch a video about the temple. Then back to the cultural hall to the bus waiting area. Before long we were on the bus headed up to the temple. It seemed like a long ride that wound around before it dropped us off at the white tents leading to the temple. I wasn't able to get any good pictures of the temple because we were never able to see it from the outside. It is a beautiful building done in what I would consider a mission motif. There was alot of cherry or mahogany with straight lines and slight curves. They also used travertine throughout. We liked the style. It would be nice to update our living room with a couch and chairs similar to the style that was used in the temple. It was fun for the girls to see the brides dressing room. They were surprised that the grooms don't get a special dressing room. We even got to tour through the men's dressing room. The Celestial Room was stunning and the kids especially liked the large chandelier. After finishing the tour we went out through another tent to a church building. We walked into the church and had "light refreshment" which consisted of Costco waters and cookies. Then it was back on the red bus to our chapel and back home. It turned out to be a rather long evening where we headed out at 6:15 and weren't home until almost 10:00.

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