Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elder Gibby Wednesday Update - February 18, 2009

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Jared is loving Gadsden, Alabama. The following is an excerpt from his letter today:

"WOW!!!!!!!!!, This week has been great!!!!!! We had 2 investigators at church, Connie Brown and Candy Burns. It was Candy’s first time coming to church. She was able to come with her motherinlaw who is an inactive member. Candy’s husband is in Afghanistan for a year. So both of them came to church and really loved it. We are going to teach her the Plan of Salvation this Friday and are really excited.

"Last Thursday was multi-zone. It was really awesome. I played the piano for it. That was really fun. I guess I’m one of the best in the mission. I don’t think so but I enjoy playing. Thanks mom and dad for all the time and energy you put into me learning the piano and paying for lessons. I will forever be indebted to yall. Yall are the best parents ever!!!! One of the speakers at the conference is a CEO for a investigation/spy firm up in Hunstville that works for the government. He taught us how to reduce our differences by mirroring them physically as well as speech and tone of our voice. It was really interesting. I felt like I was in training to become a spy or something. It was way cool.
Thursday night we played basketball. We play every Thursday night. It is really fun. It’s a killer though, afterwards I’m exhausted. Oh, side note, I broke 6 feet, I am now 6 feet and a quarter. Yea, but still not taller than dad. I’m working on it dad, don’t you worry, I’ll be taller than you one day, even if that means you have to shrink more. Haha jk.

"Friday night we had a great lesson with Phil Williams. We were able to give him a church tour Monday and it went really well. His entire family is actually LDS but he never joined. He lives by himself now and is divorced. He actually has 2 prosthetic legs so that was interesting. The church tour went really well and he loved it. We will be teaching him again this Friday and hopefully he’ll come to church. I’m really excited for that."

I am certainly proud of him as a missionary. He has continued to maintain an extremely positive attitude which can be seen in the success he has in each area he serves in. It is hard to believe that he has been out for almost 10 months. With each month the time goes by faster.

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