Thursday, May 28, 2009

A 12-Hour Virus

Sarah had a viral infection which she apparently passed on to me. My symptoms were almost exactly the same as hers. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling dizzy and even somewhat confused. I laid down on the couch to wait for it to pass. I then began taking chills and couldn't get warm. I watched So You Think You Can Dance with a heavy blanket wrapped around me. I decided to go to bed early so I loaded up on decongestant, tylenol and vitamin C. About midnight I woke up and was burning up, but I was too weak to get out of bed and into the shower. I passed in and out of sleep until the alarm went off. This morning I feel very tired and my muscles ache. I wonder if it is the "swine" flu. I didn't miss any work and was able to get the balusters painted last night before I started to feel sick. I hope I have more energy the weekend or it will be another Saturday lost with nothing accomplished.

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