Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had perfect weather for Memorial Day. We spent most of the day in the yard and got a lot done. I finally planted the grapes by the arbor going into the vegetable garden. I planted the dogwood tree and azaleas in the front garden. Sherrie planted several perennials that we bought and she went through and weeded the entire front side garden (not an easy task to take on). Jonathan and Jordan mowed the lawns (which had grown too much since the last mowing due to the nice rains that we have had). With everything done the yard looks beautiful. Jonathan wanted to take some pictures of the flowers so he took my camera and shot some really nice photos of different flowers. I took a few more and they are posted as the slide show. There are a number of flowers blooming now. It is as if summer has arrived early. We had a nice lunch on the patio. Sherrie made salads and Jordan grilled ribs. Sarah raised the umbrella on the table and I just sat back and enjoyed my meal. I am really tired tonight after doing so much in the yard and my nose hurts because it got sunburned.

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