Monday, May 18, 2009

May Flowers Arrive - Thank You April Showers

With all the nice warm weather we are having here in Tooele, more flowers are opening up to enjoy the sun. I have been waiting, somewhat unpatiently, for the Himilayan Poppy to open. Last year it was just a second year plant and didn't put on a very good show. This spring it has been covered with large healthy buds. Well, the wait was worth it. As can be seen in the pictures, it has large healty blossoms with an incredible peach and maroon coloring. The irises have also started to bloom. While the flowers don't last long, they are also spectacular. The alliums have been up out of the ground for a while and are now bursting into bloom with their large spherical blossoms (they are a relative of the onion). We first saw these flowers in the gardens at the Lion House and decided we needed them in our gardens. Sherrie loaded the gardens front and back with plenty of allium. I also found some time this weekend to finally install the sprinkler line on the west side of the house. The grass that has been suffering there for two years with an occasional hand watering will be glad to see regular moisture. That should improve the look of that side yard dramatically. Now I just need to find the time and energy to plant the grapes and the dogwood tree. I seem to put off planting the plants that are in the large pots because that means I have to dig a larger hole. My experience is that about 3 inches down I run into river rock which, with the clay, makes digging a large hole difficult at best. However, if I don't get on it soon, I might lose the plants - so I guess there isn't much choice but to find the energy and make the time.

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