Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bumper Sticker Philosophy

I actually saw this bumper sticker on a car a few days ago. It gave me a chuckle initially. It was, however, one of those things that continue to bounce around in my brain cavity causing me to pursue deeper meanings in it. I have found it peculiar how much insight can be found in bumper sticker sayings and this one gave me cause for more thought. Certainly based on my belief system, I do believe that all humankind are children of God - a being who is omnipotent, omniscient (I love those words) and of perfect love in that his children are of all equal importance to him (and in speaking of God I include both God the Father and Jesus Christ in that I am a Christian with a belief in a separate Father and Christ). However, regardless of the specifics of my belief system, it appears to be a common theme amongst the monotheistic religions and the individuals within those religions that while we must conceded to the fact that God loves all his children, we want to believe He loves us better than the rest. This is what I believe sets up the hostilities between faiths and individuals within similar faiths. "I am going to win." "I am going to be the favorite child." To be truly Christ-like (based on my Christian belief system), one must set aside that feeling of the need for superiority to any other human being and recognize the true intrinsic value of all human beings; be willing to not only accept but embrace that truth that God loves all his children equally, regardless of race or creed.
While living in Oregon I saw the bumper sticker "God Bless Everyone - No Exceptions", which I also loved. While we may feel nationalistic pride, which is not bad, true Christian belief is without nationalistic ties and our prayer should be to invoke the blessing of God on all humankind.

Well, I guess my bloggish ramblings are exhibiting my liberal leanings. I guess this is just (at least I hope) wisdom that come with age (there has to be something to balance the losses that come with age).

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