Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Discrimination

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I have decided, through personal experience, that there is discrimination against "larger" people in the food serving industry. Saturday when we went to the turkey dinner at the Manti Tabernacle, I experienced it, yet another time. As I waited anxiously in line for my plate of special marinated turkey breast with mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy and a roll, I watched the servers dolling out plentiful helpings. The two young girls (less than 12) ahead of me received slabs of turkey large enough to serve a family of four. Yes, this was my kind of "ward dinner" where you went away filled to the brim with good, home-style cooking. As I held out my place, I saw the server eye me, then reach into the crock pot and pull out a thin slice of delectable turkey and place it on my plate. It was almost as if I could hear the thoughts in her mind, "This man has obviously eaten too much in his lifetime. You don't have a gut like that without gluttony. I will help him out by limiting his food intake, even if just this one time. I know he heeds people to stop him from overeating himself to an early death." Now, I don't see myself as large as some other people may see me. In fact, I am really not that much overweight. I am just big boned (and it must be exceptionally large lower ribs that account for the extended abdomen). I do not, however, feel that it is the right of other people in positions of authority (like determining my portion size) to execute an act of discrimination and dole out a portion of food barely adequate for a 6 year old (well, a larger six year old). I enjoyed my four bites of turkey with my mashed potatoes (equally doled out to all with an icecream scoop - although my scoop was scraped and some weren't), green beans and gravy. All in all, it was a delicious meal and I didn't leave feeling like I had over eaten. After we made our way back to our seats, I soothed my hurt feelings over the food serving discrimination by eating a box of Little Debbie, fudge dipped granola bars (and yes, I did eat the entire box, and no Mr. Federal Trade Commission, I didn't receive any free boxes of granola bars for mentioning them in my blog).

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Kenny G said...

Lol! That's great. Yesteday at dinner we had some neighbors over. All the kids took large portions of the tender loin leaving little for us adults. At the end of the meal, when they still had completely uneaten slices on their plates I wanted to reach over and snatch them from their plates.
Hello, my name is Ken and I like food.