Friday, June 5, 2009

Wind, Wind, Wind

I thought I would sit out this evening and enjoy my patio and flowers. I feel that I deserve that after what feels like a long week. Mother Nature wasn't in tune with that plan and the wind has kicked up. Not just the nice breeze that you can sit outside and enjoy with an occasional gust, but strong continuous winds. The kind that blow over the patio furniture and tear up the gardens. I had a trollius that was just starting to bloom. They have such a magnificent flower for such an unpretentious looking plant. The wind just broke the flower stalk right off at the ground. I hope that it will try and bloom again.

For the first time I noticed a what appeared to be a goldfinch in my yard. It was a beautiful yellow color sitting on the bird feeder. I'm not sure of bird hierarchy, but the rest of the house finches were sitting on the fence watching it while it ate. I remember the goldfinches nesting in my Grandpa Taylor's boxelder tree. I love their coloring. There aren't many birds in the western United States that have such bright coloring. I hope that he comes back. I will certainly put out whatever type of food he wants.

Well, I hope by the time the wind ends I will still have some gardens. I guess this isn't the first time the wind has blown, and it certainly isn't ripping the roof off like it did a couple of years ago. Sounds like it will be a good evening to crash inside on the couch and watch a movie (or two). I am off the the Redbox to claim my movies and forget about the wind. Ta Ta for now.


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