Friday, June 5, 2009

This and That

Well, I finally finished Jared's weekly update on the blog and it is only Friday. This illness has really knocked the wind out of my sails. I don't know if it is the antibiotic I am on or the infection. I didn't get really good sleep last night because just as soon as I was in a deep sleep my phone started alarming - reminding me that my anniversary is on Saturday (thank you phone for waking me up at midnight to let me know that). It was supposed to remind me a day in advance (not that I was going to forget, but I thought I should take advantage of some of the features my phone offered. I just didn't know that a day in advance meant an alarm at midnight on the day before!

In spite of feeling ill, Sherrie and I went out and cleaned up the corner garden where the pond will be going in. We've had things staged there waiting to bring in some additional soil to build up the garden. Weeds had sprung up and started to overgrow the area. We pulled a large garbage bag full of weeds. I had to stop every 5 minutes or so and sit down because I would get so dizzy. We did eventually finish. And I have to say thank you to my beautiful wife for hauling the trash bags to the front yard and putting them in the garbage can. I just didn't have the strength to do it. I did get the Miracle-Gro fertilizer out and fed the front and back gardens.

I think that I am going to have to redo the sprinklers in my front garden. For the first time in three years I am getting water through the window well into the basement. I caulked the area around the window, but it didn't stop the water, so I think that it may be coming in through the window itself. I think that if I replace the spray head with a "drip" head and individual sprays throughout the garden I can avoid the window well. I thought a lot about it last night, but just didn't have the energy to tackle it. Maybe that it something that I can get done on Saturday.

After a while, all this annoying house maintenance projects get to me and I just have to get away. A few weeks ago we went up to the cabin (where I found more annoying maintenance projects). I am feeling the need for another road trip. Sherrie is taking me to Las Vegas this summer (ironic in that she does not like Las Vegas, but that is where her training seminar is being held - on the other hand, I enjoy Las Vegas). That will be a nice get away, but will it happen before the house and yard drive me absolutely nuts? I thought about going up to the cabin again, but it would be just the same thing - different building.

Tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary. WOW - it is almost hard to believe that I have been married that long. A couple more years and I will have been married longer than I was single. We are going to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House with the kids to celebrate. I made reservations for noon on Saturday. Last weekend Sherrie was confused about the date and so Sarah set up her work schedule to not work last Saturday and to work this Saturday. She gets off work at noon, so we will just have to wait until she gets home and changes to run around the mountain to the open house. It is probably directly east of us through the Oquirrhs, but the road up and over the pass through Middle and Butterfield Canyons is slower than traveling around the north end of the range and into the Salt Lake Valley. Afterwords, I think that we will take everyone to lunch (Italian sounds good).

Last night we took Jordan to get his vaccinations. He went into the doctor's office earlier this week, but they wouldn't give them to him without his "shot record". The record of vaccinations is something that I hope President Obama's health care initiatives addresses. Why can't we have a computerized record of vaccinations that follows and individual anywhere they go????? We had to hunt up the xerox copy of the original hand written record that is almost 20 years old. Sherrie was successful in finding it (thank you!!) so we went down to the Tooele County Public Health offices where all vaccinations except Yellow Fever are offered (they are given once a week on Thursdays from 1-7 pm). I will be so glad when we have all this "busywork" done and Jordan is in Brazil.

I guess that just about empties my brain of all the nuisance material floating around in there. Now I just need to take a long nap.....


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