Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Stair Project

Well, the Neverending Story of my stair project is apparently close to ending. I've made some progress as of late. I finished the finish. I finished the trim. I finished the paining. I just have a couple of spots to touch up and add one more baluster on the right hand side and IT IS DONE!!!!! I was so excited that I am almost done with this project that I started painting the basement family room. I had a little water damage from a garbage disposal that failed covertly. I decided to repaint the entire room just so that it would look nicer. I think I will also replace the light fixtures in it. It still has the old 40W fluorescent fixtures. I also bought a large twisted cherry tree for the back garden. I guess that means I will order soil this week so that I can get the plants in the backyard in the ground. I have to get these project done while I have the energy and motivation (well, at least the motivation - I think I have the energy until I start and the first time I bend over and stand back up again I think that I'm done for the day). But in spite of myself, I am finally getting some of these overdue projects completed. Yeah!!!

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