Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Was Flu and It Wasn't

My bout with the flu turned out to be only a partial bout. It seemed as if my flu lasted significantly longer than Sarah's. I started out a day after her with the same symptoms, but hers had resolved itself within a day. I remained feverish and sick for several more days. I finally relented and went into the physician on Monday afternoon. It turns out that I had prostatitis. It is an internal bacterial infection that the doctor said likely had nothing to do with the flu. It accounts for the majority of the symptoms that I have had. I now get to spend two weeks on antibiotics and another prescription. It does explain why I have continued to feel under the weather even after the "flu" symptoms subsided. I have to acknowledge my co-worker who thought that might be what I had an strongly encourage me to get into the doctor. On the upside, I should be feeling much better when I get to visit Las Vegas with Sherrie. I am thinking that I may have had a low grade infection and the flu virus synergized with it to allow it to go full blown. I haven't felt top of my game for a couple of months and didn't know what was affecting me. Hopefully now, I will get back to full health.

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