Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Sneaks In

Wow. Here it is the 2nd of June already! The kids are out of school today and Sherrie only has a day left. It seems just a few weeks ago I was shoveling snow off the sidewalk. Thinking about it, it was just a few weeks ago (well, maybe more than just a few). Somewhere in time flying past, I missed May. I don't have many recollections of May. I do remember celebrating Sherrie's birthday and a trip to Mom's house for Mother's Day. But other than that I don't remember much. I don't think I even made any progress of the stairs project during May. (That is how I gauge the progress of my life now - how much I accomplished on the stairs). Well, last night I made some minute progress. At the base of the newel posts there are pieces of oak molding. I cut and attached all six pieces!!!!! While that took me all of about 10 minutes, it is definitely progress; more progress than was accomplished in all the month of May. That fact that I can't remember the month of May sets me wondering. Was I abducted by aliens during May and they erased my memory so that I can't remember their space ship. Do we potentially have a carbon monoxide leak in the house that is potent enough to block brain memory function, but still not register on my CO meter/alarm. Maybe it is a food allergy - Oreo cookies must disrupt memory function on the days I ate them in May (which would be just about every day). Of course, it could just be stress - I certainly didn't have any stress during May....

Well, back to the stair project (when it is finished I truly don't know what I will blog about). I have decided to get it finished. Tonight I am going to go home and say, "to heck with my knees" and start puttying and sanding all the woodwork. That should allow me to start applying the finish over the course of the next few days. And then it will be done! I think after finishing the stairs I might start on the floor in the master bathroom. About 2 years ago I bought the travertine to redo the bathroom floor. It has been sitting in my garage taking up space (along with all the rest of the junk that we can't seem to get rid of....). That would be a significant update from the nasty carpet and GREEN linoleum (my temporary house for purposes of relocating quickly has become my permanent housing nightmare - okay now that I've vented I feel better). Like the stair project, I keep telling myself that once I finish all these upgrades (essesntially rebuilding the interior of my house), I will actually like it (the sad truth is I keep lying to myself and trying to convince myself that I'm not lying to myself - almost sounds like a split personality). I guess that both of my personalities are ready to sign off (it is time to sit and meditate on more ways that I can dump money into the "pit".)

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