Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Today when we got out of church the day was so beautiful I didn't want to waste it sitting around in the house. So we all decided it would be a nice day to visit the zoo and see Zuri, the baby elephant, that we have all been wanting to see. Sarah didn't work so we were able to go as a family (well, without our two sons that are serving missions). It was the perfect day to go to the zoo. It wasn't cold or hot and most of the animals were out and about enjoying the nice weather. We were able to watch Zuri nursing, playing with her toys and taking a little nap. The colors of the leaves were beautiful. We ran into my cousin, Portia, and her children. It seems that often times when we go on one of our outings were run into a family member (I guess great minds think alike). We all had a fabulous time at the zoo.

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