Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This and That

I'm sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance. I probably should have done something else tonight because this is just the show where they pick the top 20. I really only watch the show to watch the dancing. I really don't know any of the dancers or have any favorites at this point. There is some strange girl from Utah who's mother moved their family to Utah so her daughter could pursue her dance career (they girl is only like 19). There is also a couple from Salt Lake. They are just about to announce if they both made it. After this is over I will help Sherrie prep for her Praxis Test. I probably could have forgone the show to start it earlier, but she received a phone call and has enjoyed talking on the pho
I had to take off early from work today to take Jonathan to his orthodontist appointment. It gave me a good opportunity to finally finish the book I have been reading, The Life of Pi. It was a really good book. I ended up having pay a small library fine for keeping it a little over the due date, but it was kind of like really rich food and I could only read so much at a time. After the ortho appointment Jonathan and I went to the library so that we could get some new books to read. Also while, I waited for Jonathan I ordered the hardwood flooring for the lower level of our house. I've finally had it with the nasty carpet. I just have to get the tile in the laundry room laid and then I can rip out the carpet and get the hardwood down. The more flooring I replace the happier I am with my house.

Well, the couple of Salt Lake City both made it into the show. I wonder now if they will have them dance together as a couple. The other annoying girl from Salt Lake City also made it - maybe she will be voted out early on. Well, the show is over now so I had better finish this up and start helping Sherrie with her test prep.

I hope I am feeling better tomorrow. I've felt like I am coming down with a cold, or heaven forbid, influenza. I woke up this morning with a headache and body aches. I did make it through my 3.5 mile run, but it was tough. I wasn't sure I could make the last 5 minutes. I just hope I feel better tomorrow morning. Until next time, Adieu.

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