Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tabernacle Concert

From 2009-10-24 001

We were able to attend the Fall Concert by the Orchestra at Temple Square. Sarah was able to get off work early enough to go with us. So Sherrie, Saran and Jonathan headed into SLC with me to attend the concert. We arrived a little early so we were able to mull around Temple Square for a few minutes. We decided to sit up in the balcony. Jonathan and Sarah had never been up in the balcony since they don't let you up there during tours. We had a front row balcony seat with a great view. We also ended up sitting next to the 92 year mother of the Concert Master (I thought she was closer to 75 than 92). She sat next to Sarah and gave her the whole run down on the orchestra, the conductor and the guest pianist (a 12 year old virtuoso from Hong Kong). She was a piano student at Juliard in NYC years ago. It was fun talking to her. She had a lot of spunk and didn't seem to have too much trouble getting up and down the stairs. I always enjoy the concerts at Temple Square. I drew tickets for the O.C. Tanner concert in November and was able to get tickets for the Bell Ringers Christmas Concert. Now I just need to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert tickets to round out the season.

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