Friday, October 9, 2009

Elder Jared Gibby Update - October 7, 2009

Jared wrote in his weekly email:

"Friday we had our DDM. It was a pretty good training. We made district goals and I trained on the importance of making goals and planning. It was really fun. Afterwards we went to La Frontera and had lunch together.

"Saturday we went up to the church for General Conference. We call this spring break for missionaries. I loved general conference this time. My favorite talks were Elder Scott’s, Bednar, Callistar, and Holland. Those were all awesome talks. Holland laid it down with the Book of Mormon. It was completely legit! After the second session Ashleigh was baptized. The baptism went really well. It was probably the noisiest baptism I’ve ever been too because there were tons of kids running around. We finished the night with the priesthood session. Sunday we watched the rest of conference then afterwards we went to a part member’s home and had dinner. It was really good. They made homemade pizza.

"Yesterday we taught a really nice lady. She was a media referral and ordered a copy of the Bible. We went to her house and had a great lesson. We should be giving her a church tour next week and she should be coming to church too.

"The weather has been in the 60’s this past week. It is really nice to have some cooler weather. Last night we had a pretty bad thunderstorm. There was tons of lightning and thunder. It reminded me of Oklahoma.

"Oh, so when we got home last night we walked in and there was a leak in our ceiling. The maintenance man had already gone home so it dripped into a bucket all night long. I guess it has to do with the air conditioner or something. They are going to fix it today."


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