Thursday, October 22, 2009

Elder Jared Gibby - October 22, 2009

Jared had us slightly concerned yesterday when we didn't receive an email. This was the first time I can remember since he left over a year and a half ago. As it turns out, they had a special mission conference with Elder Kikuchi and P-Day was switched to Thursday. Jared wrote, "It was such an awesome experience. I feel like I have been spiritually recharged and am ready to go out and teach more people. Elder Kikuchi is from Japan and is a convert to the church. I’m assuming he has been a 70 for a while now because President Kimball was the Prophet who called him. He talked a lot about how we can improve our teaching; how to use the BOM and how to teach the first vision. It was a very uplifting experience. I would have to say it was the best multi zone I have ever been too. I loved every second of it."

The pictures are from the Banana Festival Jared went to. "The Stewarts used to live in Hawaii and love the banana trees. When they moved here they planted some in their yard. Every year, since it gets too cold for the trees, Brother Stewart gets stuck with the job of cutting them down, cutting the leaves off, and piling the leaves on top of the stumps. (I guess it helps with nutrients and fertilizer and stuff and helps them grow the next year) So this year he decided to turn it into a festival so the kids would help do it. It was so much fun. They had a little fire pit outside and they started the festival with the blowing of the conk shell that they got from Hawaii, then Brother Stewart told us some facts about bananas and we all told some stories about bananas. Each person then had the chance to chop down one of the trees and everything. It was a lot of fun. So if you want to make chores fun, just turn it into a festival."

Having lived myself in Guatemala, I also love banana trees. I found a "cold hardy" banana tree that I attempted to grow in Idaho Falls (definitely a difference in the definition of "cold"). It didn't survive. I tried planting the same variety in Tooele. It didn't survive. I think in Tooele, it might have been a nutrient deficiency because it never seemed to grow, even in the heat of summer. Maybe I will try it again next summer. I was successful in keeping my Wisteria alive, so I am feeling more optimistic about other marginal plants.

Jared has been out 533 days with only 197 days to go. It is hard to believe that he is essentially down to the last 6 months. We are excited now for his return home next spring.

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