Monday, October 20, 2008

The Holiday that Isn't

Well, today is Deer Hunt Holiday (I've always found that to be a quirky Utah thing - we celebrate the annual deer massacre). I could be at home repainting my bedroom (yes, repainting already, the original colors we picked just didn't work for us so we found some new colors while we were up in Montana), but instead I am here at work. No, I didn't choose to come to work over repainting my bedroom. I exchanged the holiday today for Friday of last week. It doesn't work well when Sherrie and the children get Thursday and Friday off and I get Monday off. This day seems to be dragging on with it so quiet here. I actually feel recuperated from our northern excursion. Yesterday I was feeling it in my back. Every time we go to the cabin it seems that I engage in too much heavy lifting. This was our last trek up there for the winter, so I had to winterize it, which included placing plywood "shutters" over the lower windows. Last year we didn't put up shutters (well, in fact in it's entire lifetime it has never been shuttered), and we lost a window. It was such an inconvenience to get the window repaired that I vowed to shutter the cabin every year now. Lifting the boards into place for marking the hangers and then relifting them to hang them did a number on my back (I guess it doesn't help that I haven't been to the club for almost 4 months). We started the "vacation" on Thursday afternoon, much to the dismay of Jonathan and Sarah. They didn't want to go to the cabin. They are both teenagers and would have preferred to spend the long weekend in the pj's sleeping or watching TV. Being the awful parent that I am I made them go. We arrived at the cabin on Thursday at about 9:00 pm. It was beautiful fall weather and I didn't even need a coat unloading the car that late in the evening. Friday Sherrie, Jonathan and myself went to West Yellowstone. Sarah wanted to stay at the cabin and watch movies. We had a fun time in West shuttling between the boutique and hardware store. We found the paint for our bedroom and Jonathan's bedroom. We had the shutter boards cut and loaded up on antifreeze. Before heading back to Island Park we made our last stop at the candy store to buy our fudge (we thought that would help Sarah feel better). Jonathan had us buy (an overpriced) Parchesi game in West so that we could play it back at the cabin.
We had a fun round of Parcheesi. It has been a number of years since I played this board game. Of course, Jonathan won and Sherrie came in a close second (they are hardcore gamers). I came in dead last! After that we went for a game of Hearts. Again, Jonathan won, but I redeemed myself with a second place (barely). It was nice to sit up in the cabin with the fireplace going and the quiet of the forest outside. This time of year they are very few people up there so we only saw a couple of cars and a few walkers through the course of the weekend. Saturday we got up and made the shutters and hung them over the windows. I then hurried to finish winterizing the cabin so that we could head back to Tooele. Sarah had a Stake Dance to attend that started at 8:00 pm so we rushed to get on the road (we had originally planned to return on Sunday). It is always hard for me to leave the cabin. If I could I would live up there for several months at a time. I enjoy eating breakfast on the front porch while watching the squirrels and birds. I enjoy going into West Yellowstone because it is a small town where people are friendly and helpful. I feel a lot more peace when I am up in the mountains. We stopped in Idaho Falls for lunch and to see Sherrie's father. We found out that he had been transferred to a hospital in Pocatello the day before. We were going to try and see him in Pocatello, but Sarah needed to get home. We arrived home at about 8:30 pm just in time for Sarah to get ready and be fashionably late. She made it to the dance and had a good time. We stayed up to wait for her and to watch SNL - poor Sarah Palin, I would have advised her not to do the show, because they made a fool out of her even with her present. After church on Sunday we drove down to my parents home in Saratoga Springs to visit. My brother Eric and his wife Natalie brought their new baby, Tateym, up. Sherrie had a nice baby gift for them (a fancy blanket and "shoe" socks that she got at the boutique in West). We arrived back home tired. We sat up for about 45 minutes "chatting" online with Jordan through Facebook (I still don't have a very good grasp on the Facebook concept, but I am learning - I think I still prefer blogging.) So here I am sitting at my desk, tired and wishing that I did have a holiday today so that I could rest up from the "vacation" taken on the weekend. I've place a slideshow of the cabin after the blogs for anybody interested in seeing what it looks like inside now. Until next time.....

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