Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Somehow this week escaped me. It came and went and I find myself standing here dazed, because I'm not quite sure where it went. That is the trouble with getting older (not that I am old or even close) is that time does accelerate. There must be something about the space-time continuum that we don't understand.

It has been a week since Jordan visited us. It was so nice to have him home. I guess maybe that is what happened. I was still thinking about how nice it was to have almost our complete family under the same roof that I just missed the week afterwords. Jordan is doing great. His friend, Austin, came over for a few minutes and we found out that his mission call is to Croatia (Jordan had that confused with Micronesia - good thing he is an art/graphic design major - wouldn't want him in Travel and Tourism making people's vacation arrangements). Joking aside, he is excelling in all of his classes. I am starting to feel a little pride (in spite of that conference talk years ago) about how my children are turning out. I have two that are out living on their own and doing it right - WOW! I have two still at home that give me no trouble and are also excelling in school and other areas of their lives. Well, so much for my self-ingratiation.
Ruby was sooooo happy to have Jordan home. He had warmed up to me until Jordan showed up. Now we are working on it again.

We had a nice dinner out while Jordan was here last Saturday. We went to the Mayan (Sherrie was out-voted) and have a nice dinner. Jordan likes the Mayan (I do also). It was fun to have everyone out together. Jordan also took some time to show us his unicycling skills. He apparently learned to do this while we lived in Idaho Falls. His good friend, Scott Obert, is a unicycler. He did pretty good for not having ridden one for several years.

We also were able to meet his friend, Kim, via webcam and Facebook. She is a graphic arts major also. She is really an accomplished and cute young lady.

I was also nice to hear Jordan's music again. He took time to play the guitar and piano for us. He has become quite accomplished on the piano in the time since he quit taking lessons.

I guess that I have bragged on Jordan enough to embarrass him. This week I also started painting my bedroom. I don't mind painting, but it is always so difficult because I have to move things around like a puzzle to get to each wall. It would take so much less time if I had that ability to just go in and paint without constantly moving things around. Sherrie picked a pale pink and moss green color scheme for the bedroom. It will match a beautiful quilt for our bed that she has just about completed. It is nice to have fresh paint on the walls and trim (well for about 3/4 of the room). I ran out of time and will have to try and complete it during the week. The biggest problem is I have to move the bed to get to the last wall. And moving the bed is all that difficult in and of itself, it is just all the stuff we have stored under the bed that will have to be moved also. It really won't be all that bad when I actually get after it. Next I am going to tackle the master bathroom and retile the hot tub and bathroom floor. I'm sure Jonathan is wondering when I will finally get around to painting his bedroom and putting the loft bed in there and getting the large log bed out of his room. I might be able to get that done before Christmas if the cold whether holds out. I did remember to go out and disconnect my hoses before the hard freeze (maybe I shouldn't have and then I could have had some new carpet (at least in the lower level of the house).

This week Sarah had her Standards Night (I can't remember what it is called now). It was really nice (although Sarah was sick she went anyway). She had a pretty table that highlighted some of her many accomplishments. The Young Women's Presidency had put alot of work into the evening. There aren't very many young women in our Ward (only 12 that came). Sarah's friends are in the other ward. She is having fun serving on the Stake Youth Committee. This weekend she used her Cricut to make the poster advertising the Stake Dance (retro - disco). She is very talented in that area and designed a really nice poster.

What else occurred this week? I watched Survivor. I watched CSI - not great surprises there. I blogged (tonight). That about wraps it up....

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Kimberly said...

Your relationship with Ruby sounds like my relationship with Viliami. Anytime he spends significant time with Tongan relatives, it takes a little time for him to start liking me again. Sigh. Maybe I'll go get a really dark spray-on tan. HA!