Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jared Wednesday Update - 10/29/08

I received the weekly email from Jared this morning. He is doing great. He enjoys the companion that he is working with. He has some good families that he is teaching. And he got to go to the NASA Space Center for the 4th time! He doesn't think he will be transferred, but who knows.... I am grateful everytime I receive his letters for having such a good son. I have been truly blessed with the children I have. It is hard to believe that Jared has been out just shy of 6 months (176 days to be exact which equates to 24.1%). It will be difficult not having him here for Christmas this year. It will be the first Christmas ever that we haven't had all our children at home. But we his Christmas presents ready to place in the mail. We just want to be sure we know where he is going to be for a few weeks before mailing them. He sent a couple of pictures, one of himself and one with his companion, Elder Myrvang.

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Kimberly said...

I like these posts much more than the political posts. :-)