Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jared Wednesday Update

Jared's weekly email arrived early on Wednesday. I didn't get any pictures this week. He and Elder Lee were going to the Space Center again (thank you Hanns). Elder Lee is going home this week and Jared is getting a new companion. He will now be a trainer and have a greenie (Jared still has a green tinge on his extremities). I am excited for him. He is really demonstrating his ability to take on a difficult task and stay with it while giving it his all. He has an interesting teaching pool. He spent a couple of hours with a gentleman who has been a preacher for years. Don't ever Bible Bash with a baptist preacher because you will never win (he won't hear anything you say). They have an investigator set for baptism - that should be a great experience for him. He is excited that he will be staying in Cullman for the time being. Jared summed up his approach to missionary work at the end of his email; "Well, I’m doing great and still accentuating the positive. Enthusiasm works."

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Kimberly said...

Can I just say I love Jared? (And your new background!)