Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain's Economic Stimulus Package

John McCain has finally found the solution to our economic crisis and world image crisis. His new plan is to give every family a $150,000 "accessory" credit. This would come in the form of a prepaid VISA (likely American Express or Discover also) that families could use at high-end clothing stores to redo their wardrobes. This would pump money into the economy, help retain the high-end retailers which would generate more tax revenues so that taxes could be cut for wealthy Americans so that they could spend more money at high-end retail stores and generate more tax money .... In addition, the fashion conscious European states and the emerging Asian powers would look more favorably upon a well-dressed and coiffed America. This is why Sarah Palin makes the perfect Vice-President. She would head the to-be-formed government office of Fashion and Lateral Economic American Stimulus (FLEAS). Given her fashion sense and extensive experience as a beauty contestant and TV personality, she has the wherewithal to oversee the direction of high-end retailers in obtaining styles that are fashionable yet conservative. Remember, accessorize before you VOTE.

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Grandma said...

Not funny, not true, not good for your "father of the year" image.