Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Images of Halloween Past

My sister, Kimberly, emailed a couple of weeks ago asking for some old Halloween pictures. I knew that I had some in my "old" photo album, but with my advancing age, I wasn't quite sure where the "old" photo album was (as Sherrie would remind me, it's too many moves - I think she's right). Anyway, I sent her the one picture that I could find of Ken and I in our matching tiger outfits (when I was still taller than him). But I knew if I could find the "old" photo album, I would have the gold mine, because the best two Halloween pictures I knew of were double-stick taped in there by my very own mother in 1968. Well, I found it tonight. I was so excited to get them scanned and onto the blog so that I could share them with the whole world (well, at least the few citizens of the world that read my blog, and any aliens that might be intercepting earth transmissions...). There is it, proof that my very own mother and father celebrated Halloween. I have yet to don a costume a well planned out as they did, evidenced by the witch and pirate captured forever on Kodachrome (or some kind of Kodak film). Well, look hard and you might recognize them.

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Kimberly said...

These have got to be two of my favorite pictures EVER.