Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gift of Music Concert

After the family reunion Sherrie and I rushed home to get ready for the Gift of Music Concert at the Conference Center. Sarah and Jonathan decided against going since they weren't sure they would like the style of music. Sarah opted to hang out with her friend, Carly and Jonathan decided to stay home and play video games (can you believe that a 13 year old boy choosing video games over a music recital). We were assigned to park at the Triad Center parking garage, so it was a 4 block walk. I wasn't sure Sherrie was going to make it. Her feet were bothering her and there were alot of people walking up to the Conference Center. We eventually made it there and up enough escalators that I lost count. I'm not sure why we were given tickets at the top of the nosebleed section when there were many unclaimed seats down in the lower concourses, but it really didn't matter because the music filled the hall and it was beautiful. They had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Utah Symphony, guests artists Brian Stokes Mitchell (Tony Award Winning Broadway singer) and Denyce Graves(a critically acclaimed opera mezzo soprano), along with guest conductor Erich Kunzel (director of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra). The theme was "An American Songbook". One of the great moments of the evening was when the choir and orchestra performed all five the armed services anthems. They had all members of the audience stand who had served in the military when their respective anthem was played. We got to see President Monson solemnly stand when the Navy anthem was played. I was very impressed with his graciousness and solemnity so that his high profile status did not detract from the other members of the audience who had also served in the Navy. At the end of the concert, Maestro Kunzel had the entire audience join in singing "God Bless America" with Ms. Graves, Mr. Mitchell and the choir. It was probably one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I look forward to attending next year.

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