Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Day of Rest - Define "Rest"

I survived another day of "rest". In order to ensure a timely arrival at our assigned worship time, I woke up to my alarm at 7:00. I know that doesn't sound early, especially for those who may have early morning Sunday meetings (I never was sure what was up with early early meetings - is it easier to feel the Spirit when you're only half awake?). At any rate, I coaxed Sarah out of Bed at about 7:30. Well, we did it - we arrived 5 minutes early. Jonathan and I were able to sit through Priesthood opening exercises with the other 5 men who were there in addition to the Bishopric. Most people in our ward arrive about 15-20 minutes late by my estimation. That's why I don't see the problem with arriving late also. It they arrive late and I arrive on time, then I have wasted 20 minutes of my day waiting for them to arrive (well, the logic works for me). After church, Sarah was set apart as the 1st Counselor in the Laurel Class Presidency (the President rarely comes - I've learned in Utah, you have to wait your turn - for a right to work state it has alot of Union mentality - senority rules - well, so much for my ranting). Sarah was also called to serve on the Stake Youth Committee. She is excited for that because her friend is also on the committee. She will get to help plan the Youth Trek this coming summer.

After church we came home and rested for an hour while we waited for the lasagna to cook (I forgot to put it in before we went to church - that's what happens when I get up too early). While we waited, Jonathan and I watched the Speed Racer movie. I remember when I was young my brother, Ken, used to love watching the Speed Racer cartoon (I wasn't as hip on japanamation - I was more of a Scooby Doo fan). It was fun to watch the movie and I was amazed how much the real life actors resembled the cartoon characters.

After dinner, Sherrie and I decided to take a drive up Middle Canyon to see the leaves. She hadn't accompanied me when I took Jonathan and Sarah to the top of the mountain to look down in the mine. We drove to the top (Sherrie was equipped with dark sunglasses to help her endure the sunshine). The road was just a terrifying as the last time I drove it. I thought that if I kept tackling my fear of heights I would eventually overcome it. I still had to peel my hands off the steering wheel at the top and again at the bottom. I was able to get out of my car on the road a few times to take some pictures of the leaves. I guess the desire to get a good photo overcomes the fear of heights. If I can get more comfortable with heights I will be able to hike the Lookout Point trail at Zion's Park. I need to hike it at least one time with all my kids so we can get a complete picture. We have a picture with Sherrie, Jared, Jordan and Sarah. I froze up on the trail about 2/3 the way up and Jonathan stayed back to take care of me. I credit him with coaxing me off the wall and starting the trail back down. Anyway, I digress. The view from the top was beautiful today. We could see Utah lake and Utah Valley well past Y mountain. On the north side we could see almost all the way to Farmington. On the west side of the lookout we would see south Tooele. There was quite a bit of traffic on the road today. There were alot of people at the top too. This must be a popular drive for Sunday afternoon. We tried a side road into a side canyon, but it quickly became a 4-wheeler road and we backed out. I would like to go back and hike it. I told Sherrie that I couldn't believe we had such a beautiful Canyon just 5 minutes from our house.

When we got back I still wanted to hike little. I had spent most of the day seated on a bench or in a car so I convinced Jonathan in going with me. He really didn't want to go too bad but I made him feel sorry for his father and he consented to go. We went up to Smelter Canyon and walked up the road to get a better view of the old Smelter. It was a nice quiet walk up the road since there is a No Trespassing sign at the beginning of it (we had it too ourselves). It was fun to walk and talk. We practiced some synchronized walking (like synchronized swimming). Jonathan thought of it so we practiced walking, turning and spinning our arms in synch. If somebody had filmed us they probably would have won the grand prize on America's Funniest Videos! It was FUN. We saw some beautiful foliage, but truth be told, the color and scenery up middle canyon were better.

It is now past my bedtime so I had better tie this up and get to bed. I'm not sure this is a blog or a travel log. Really, I just blog so that I can do something with the pictures I take. I love digital cameras because I can take all the pictures I want to without worrying about film. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my family today, both in church and after church. It is a real spiritual lift for me to go out and see the beauties of this world. I love being up in the mountains. I must live in the perfect place for me.

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Kimberly said...

You and Jonathan crack me up! How fun. I love Sundays like that.