Monday, September 8, 2008

I Now Have 4 Teenagers!! - Jonathan Turns 13

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I can't believe it - already, at such an early point in my life, I have four teenagers (well at least until December 21). This really happened much sooner in my life than I planned for. In actuality, it is proving to be a really nice time in life. I have four wonderful children, who are easy to take care of and are making really good choices in their lives (it doesn't get much better). We had a fun birthday for Jonathan (I'm not sure he's old enough to think that any celebration on Sunday is truly as fun as it could be otherwise). He has told us for about two years that he wanted a unicycle. Why in heaven's name would anybody want a unicycle. We have bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rip stiks, etc. I guess the only toy with wheels that we didn't have was the one with one wheel. Guess how easy it is to find a unicycle. I thought it wouldn't be that bad with a large metropolitan shopping area. Boy was I wrong. I finally found one at a bike shop in South Jordan and we drove in to buy it only to find out that it was big enough for about a 5 year old. I finally found on on KSL adds in TOOELE of all places. It was in almost new condition and had a training wheel with it. I was so relieved to get it. I felt bad because it wasn't new, so I also got him the Nintendo DS game system that he's been wanting for a couple of years (all his friends have them and now he can play with them - wow, they all site around and play games against each other via wireless while they stare at a screen so small I can't tell what's on it). I guess he won't have anything on the list for Christmas. The unicycle was too big to wrap so I wrapped a note telling him where to look (an old Gibby trick). It was in the back of the van. When he opened the van door and saw TWO wheels, he stammered, "What is it?" (He was expecting a unicycle). He had to get it out of the car before he realized that it was indeed a unicycle. He spent the rest of the afternoon trying to learn how to ride it. Now all the neighborhood little boys want unicycles (ha ha ha - their parents can try and find one now). We had Mom and Dad come up for the party. It seemed like a quiet party without Jared and Jordan. We had a lot of cake left over. It really does seem like they grow up way too fast.


Kimberly said...

Happy birthday to Jonathan! I can't believe he's a teenager! You probably had extra cake because you didn't invite us. ;-) Looks like it was a good time--I've never known anyone to get a unicycle for their birthday!

Kimberly said...

(I'm supposed to be posting in my online class and editing Sione's paper for him right now...ah, it's wonderful how the Internet provides so many more avenues of procrastination.)

David Gibby said...

It's always an open invitation at our house. We've had teenagers for enough years now that we just plan to have enough for anybody that might show up. You're welcome to come up anytime. I'll throw some chicken on the grill and whip up some stovetop stuffing with oreos for dessert!