Sunday, September 21, 2008

SKULL VALLEY - Sunday Afternoon Drive

It was such beautiful weather when we got out of Church today that we decided to go on a little family outing. With Halloween fast approaching (it is the second biggest retail holiday after Christmas - that should make it a legitimate holiday with a day off work and school even - I think my sister, Kimberly, would agree)(I have to apologize every time I call her Kimberly since I just can't get used to calling her Kim. I guess it could be worse and I could call her what we did when she was little, Kimberly Ann) we decided to go to SKULL VALLEY. We headed south to Rush Valley (used to be known at St. John where my Uncle Lynn is from). We then headed up over Johnson's Pass which is a nice windy road with a small campground partway up, Clover Springs. We stopped there to eat some lunch and see the sites. There is a fairly substantial spring that bubbles up from the ground and flows into a good sized stream. A couple of men came down to get a drink out of the spring while we were there. We opted not to since it was apparent that at least one cow had visited the spring and left a reminder behind. I don't think the men saw the cows pie on the spring. A went up and over the pass and down into SKULL VALLEY. It is really quite a pretty valley with not much in it. We went through the Town of Terra, but only saw one house (I think there might be more). We took the road out to the entrace of the Dugway Proving Grounds. There is a good-sized LDS chapel situated just outside the Dugway gate. That was kind of weird seeing a large church building sitting out in a desolate valley with no signs of community anywhere around it except a gate to a military (weapons research) facility. We drove north up the valley to Iosepa and stopped to see what was left of the community. There is a cemetary and a pavilion. It I had come from Hawaii and settle in Iosepa I would have been anxious to return to Hawaii! The kids fell asleep about the time we left Iosepa and started the "are we there yet?" just outside of Grantsville. We did manage to make it home before anybody got to agitated. I enjoy the drive and seeing the sights, but when you are younger it just seems boring. I guess I should finish up and spend some quality time with my family this afternoon (I don't think they consider the time in the car "quality"). Until my next adventure.....

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