Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Again So Soon

Sitting at my desk I realized that it is again Wednesday (I was relieved that it wasn't Thursday I had forgotten to take the trash can out - I am still holding out on getting the second trash can). I should be seeing a letter from Jared shortly. I look forward to hearing how his week went. They are more exciting and adventure filled than mine. Jordan's friend, Austin, received a mission call this week, but we don't know where he was called to, except that it is outside of the US. The weather has been nice and is starting to feel like fall. Yesterday Sherrie got her fall decorations out and put them up around the house. Jonathan helped by stringing the Halloween lights (orange and purple) around the yard. He told me that he likes decorating for Halloween better than decorating for Christmas. Other than that it has been a fairly routine week. Sherrie is still waiting for her eye to finish healing. It continues to be slightly swollen and red/irritated looking. I don't expect any permanent damage, but it has been a slow illness to recover from. I repaired the Ford Explorer last night. While Sherrie was driving home from work last week, it lost the belt tensioner. It wasn't hard to replace (although it was tight trying to get the bolt out with the cooling fan in the way). I test drove it last night after figuring out how to thread the serpentine belt. Seemed to work okay. I better get this posted so I don't fall alseep herre in my office chair.

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