Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Trip to the Top of the World (Well Close to the Top)

Today we took a trip up Middle Canyon to the top of the mountain. This was my first time up to the top. It wasn't a bad road, although it is steep with switchbacks and some sheer drop-offs. At one point I slowed to go around a switchback corner and the car started to stall so I pushed in the clutch and brake. When I tried to start moving again the car started to roll back toward the edge of the cliff(scaring all of us). I had to use an emergency brake start to get going forward again. The drive up was well worth it. The view from the top is spectacular. We could see all the Salt Lake Valley from north of Bountiful to Provo at the south. We saw the "Y" and the Salt Lake Temple. On the west side we could see southern Tooele. We also saw the exploratory rigs that are looking for a gold mine up Middle Canyon. Maybe if they find it Tooele will become a mining boom town. We could tell that Fall isn't far away. We were seeing colors start to turn in the high elevations. It was really a nice trip. I've posted a slide show of the trip below.


Kimberly said...

Cool pics! I also checked out the pics of your birthday--um, thanks for those! How did I get so fat? (As I sit at my desk eating french fries and sipping Dr. Pepper...gee, I wonder.)

DISCLAIMER: I actually have been really good about not drinking soda (i.e., Dr. Pepper) for a long time; I'm just really, really tired today and needed a caffeine boost.

Anyway, the birthday celebrations were fun; thanks for sharing with us! And now I think I'm going to go join a gym before someone harpoons me.

Kimberly said...

So I have to tell you I had a picture of you on my blog, and Ami was looking at it and he said "Uncle!" :-)

David Gibby said...

Wow, I must have made a BIG impression. I must have looked big and ominous. In his vocabulary, uncle means "big, scary looking, fat man".