Friday, September 12, 2008

Viva Las Wendover...

It's not quite Vegas, but it does have a good buffet. For my birthday dinner, Sherrie graciously consented to go to the seafood buffet at Montego Bay in Wendover. You have to endure a passage through the Casino (very cheesy by Vegas standards) to get to the restaurant, but the trip is well worth it. We had a nice trip out with a stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats. There were a lot of people there taking pictures of the salt flats (wow, way exciting, white salt covered dirt). Sherrie raced out on the flats and begged me to take her picture (really now, I had to beg her to let me take a picture, but look how cute she is!).We enjoyed our dinner. We both ate king crab legs until we couldn't put another one down. I had a nice slab of prime rib (so tender you could cut it with a fork) and a couple of Ahi Tuna steaks (just slightly seared - melted in your mouth). After one too many desserts for me (Sherrie exhibited much more control in the dessert department - of course it is my birthday so I can eat what I want) we got in the car and headed back to reality. It is really a nice drive over there. You get to see mountains, hazardous waste incinerators and disposal facilities, and air force bombing range and the salt flats. There is also this large piece of modern art, some sort of metal tree, that rises up from the salt flats. Really, the mountain view are worth the trip, especially as the sun is setting in the west. They take on a surreal look. We really enjoyed the trip over and the food (at least I know I did and Sherrie says she did). She is really a trooper. She didn't feel well with her eye infection and the bright setting sun bothered it on the way over, but we had a really nice time together.

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